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About ABY / Switcher Pedals

Pedals for switching, selecting and other utility uses are an important part of using pedals. Loopers, for example, often have extra functionality that opens up when connected with extra footswitches.

Amplifiers with more than one channel require the correct type of footswitch to choose between channels. Certain digital amps go further and add extra effects and so on via the addition of the corresponding switch.

A/B and A/B/Y switches are extremely useful pedals. They split your signal, either from one signal into two or two signals into one. A/B/Y switches are useful in a number of ways, a few of which would entail using two guitars with a single amp (without disconnecting anything) or indeed plugging one guitar into two different amplifiers and hearing both at once or one at a time.

There are lots of utility pedals available for these reasons and many more. Each of our UK guitarguitar stores hold a vast array of pedals of all types and sizes. Browse our full selection here online or pop into any of our stores to see the stock in person.

Frequently Asked Questions about ABY / Switcher Pedals

Put simply, an A/B box lets you choose between two options. For example, your guitar can switch between two amps at the touch of a button. An A/B/Y switch lets you choose between the two options or alternatively use both at once.
Definitely! Put it where it suits your playing habits best. It won't be connected in line to the other pedals but that's no reason to exclude it from your board, especially if it makes more sense for your way of looking at your pedals. There are no wrong methods as long as they work!
It really depends: if you mean simple channel switching with valve heads and combos then no, not really. Most of the time any simple switch will do. If you mean a digital amp with specific features that require controlling, it would be a yes. Only the official partner footswitch should be used with these types of amplifiers. If in doubt, please talk to us and have a try before you buy!
Most players tend to go for a model from the BOSS FS range. There are two single pedal models - the FS5L and FS5U - and a pair of double pedals, the FS-6 and the FS-7. Depending on your needs, you can choose latching (switch it once and it's on, switch it again and it's off) and unlatching, or momentary (it's one as long as it's held down). The dual switches can actually be set to do either, which makes them a lot more useful.