Vintage Bass Guitars

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About Vintage Bass Guitars

Vintage bass guitars are designed in the UK and built in the Far East. The brand makes reproductions of classic instruments. This is along with original design electric and acoustic guitars and basses.

Vintage offer many interesting designs such as relic finishes, fretless basses and more. The hardware used is often designed by Trevor Wilkinson, a UK designer noted for his tremolo designs.

Vintage offer great value for money and are a popular choice for gigging players.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vintage Bass Guitars

It's no mistake...those frets are painted on to the fingerboard! There are no real frets on this bass, it is truly fretless. Those painted frets are merely there to act as guides for your eyes and fingers.
That's really up to you because there are no rules! However, historically, Jazz and Fusion are two genres that mesh well with fretless bass playing. Fans of Jaco Pastorius will find lots to like with this particular bass...