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Beginner Drum Sets

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About Beginner Drum Sets

Beginner Drum Sets are ideal for new drummers to begin playing without investing in an acoustic drum kit. Electronic drum kits have come a long way since their introduction in the 80s, and now offer a realistic drumming experience with excellent sound quality. If you don't have the space to play a loud acoustic drum kit, electronic drum sets for beginners are a great option, allowing for much quieter play with the use of headphones. Plus, while acoustic drums can end up being a challenge to upkeep and an expensive kit to maintain, beginner electronic drum sets will never need to be tuned and the drum heads and cymbals won't rapidly wear out like they can on an acoustic kit.

One major benefit to beginner electronic drum kits is drum module, this hosts the sounds and allows you to switch the sound of your kit at the push of the button, this is great for switching playing style or genre and even lets you change from acoustic sounds to electronic drum machine sounds, something that an acoustic kit will never be able to do. Most modules also host features like lessons, a comprehensive metronome and USB connectivity.

Each feature of an acoustic kit is represented with an electronic drum kit, including snare pads, hi hat and cymbal pads and a kick pad. Electric kits will feature either rubber pads for the snare drums and toms, or pads with mesh drum heads on more expensive kits, these offer less room noise when being hit, plus deliver a much more realistic playing experience.

Beginner drum sets are a great way to get started on your drumming journey. All you need are drum sticks, headphones and a drum kit, then you're ready to get playing without disturbing the people around you. Our drum sets for beginners are comprised of drum pads that are quiet and connect to a module which features a range of sounds that you can select to fit the music you're playing. Each beginner drum set is also host to a range of features that can include lessons, practice modes and USB connectivity. Plus, because beginner drums feature pads, they're generally much more hardwearing and less expensive to maintain compared to their acoustic counterpart. Our electronic drum sets for beginners are the ideal way to get started playing drums. Are you ready to discover how fun drums are to play?

If you're looking to get into the world of drums, or are an experienced player looking for an affordable home drum setup, we have the very best electronic drum kits available.

Why Should I Choose a Beginner Drum Set?

  • Beginner electric drum kits offer quiet practice at home
  • A great way to being your drum journey
  • Less expensive than maintaining an acoustic kit
  • Many kits have built in lessons
  • Many beginner drum kits have built-in lessons
  • Much quieter than an acoustic kit

Frequently Asked Questions about Beginner Drum Sets

Question: What is a good beginner set of drums?
Many brands produce good beginner drums and a great example of this is Roland V-Drums which are loved even by professionals. Any of their kits are a great place to start your drumming journey.
Question: How much is a drum set for beginners?
Beginner kits start at around £200 and go up to around £700 depending on features like pads, hardware and the sound module, where investing more gets you a playing experience that's closer to an acoustic kit.
Question: Can drums be self taught?
Yes, many famous drummers are self taught.
Question: Are drums harder than guitar?
Some people can find drums easier to learn than guitar because it's less melodically based and more about rhythm. Some people can find incorporating the 4 limb independence used in drumming a challenge but with regular practice improvements can often quickly be seen.
Question: What should a beginner drummer buy?
Some drum essentials include a kit, sticks, headphones and a drum throne.
Question: What drums should I start with as a beginner?
Kits that offer a good level of pad position ability and feature at least a mesh snare will help you get comfortable and have a good surface for learning drum rudiments.
Question: How much should a beginner drum set cost?
Beginners drum kits start at around £250, however, it's worth considering investing in what you'll need as you develop as a player.
Question: Are drums good for beginners?
Yes absolutely, drums are one of the most important parts of any type of music, and will give you a sense of timing and rhythm unlike any other instrument.
Question: Are cheap drum kits worth it?
Yes, nowadays cheap doesn't mean bad, and we have some budget friendly options available that are fantastic quality and ready for any beginner.