Electronic Drum Kits for Beginners - Learn to play without annoying the neighbours!

Everything you need to start playing drums this Christmas


  • Headphones (+£8.00)
  • Drum Throne (+£34.99)

TOURTECH TT-12SM (Mesh Snare)

  • Headphones (+£8.00)
  • Drum Throne (+£34.99)

TOURTECH TT-22M - Full Mesh Kit

  • Roland RH5 Headphones (+£22.00)
  • Drum Throne (+£34.99)

Perfect for Homes and Bedrooms!

Take the hardship and indecision out of picking your first digital drum kit! We have selected a fantastic group of affordable, effective and extremely fun kits to learn on!

  • Small Footprint

    Small Footprint

    These digital kits, though full-sized, are smaller than traditional drum kits. This means that finding a space for one in your house is nice and easy! Whether that space is a bedroom, a corner of your living room, or a spot in the garage, you'll defintely be able to fit one of these kits inside your home!

  • Headphone Option

    Headphone Option

    Traditional acoustic drum kits are notoriously loud! That is not the case with digital kits like these, and especially not when you plug in a set of headphones! Practice in relative privacy as you gain in skills and confidence.

  • Multiple sounds

    Multiple sounds

    These Tourtech digital kits all have libraries of sounds to chose and use. Select form multiple kits and enjoy completely different drum sounds at the touch of a button!