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About Ibanez Bass Guitars

Ibanez bass guitars are amongst the best selling in the world. With bass guitars available in a wide range of original styles, you can be sure of finding an electric or acoustic bass to meet your requirements. Rock and metal fans in particular will be well served by Ibanez's bass offerings; this is an area they are particularly well noted in; they offer plenty of unique models in 5 and 6 string varieties, with both active and passive models to supply you with the right kind of features to help you achieve the sound you have in your head.

Ibanez's popular solid body bass ranges include the SR, a double cutaway shape with a slim, modern neck, the BTB with its deep cutaways and layered exotic wood construction and some excellent retro desgins including the ATK and Talman ranges. Ibanez also offer some beautiful semi acoustic models in the Artcore Vintage range.

As with their electric guitars, Ibanez have organised their bass models into collections that differentiate price points: beginning with the Standard collection, the collection rise with the Premium and then Prestige collections with hardware construction and features increasing with each collection. Whether you are a beginner, aspiring student or gigging professional, Ibanez have a bass model that will suit you perfectly.

As one of the UK's largest Ibanez dealers, we carry a comprehensive range of stock in each of our stores. We keep plenty of left-handed bass models in stock too so you can find the exact Ibanez SR or BTB model of your dreams right here at guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Bass Guitars

Ibanez's best-selling bass is the GSR180, an extremely affordable model with a great range of features such as active electronics and a slim, playable neck. After that, the next most popular Ibanez bass is the SR300, something of an upgraded version of the GSR180 with a slightly chunkier body design. Both of these models are available in a variety of finishes and are constantly kept stock in each of our UK stores.
Active electronics refers to either the pickups, the tone controls or both being powered by a 9v battery to achieve more powerful and enhanced results. Active pickups tend to have high outputs and high amounts of background noise making them perfect for heavier music styles. Active tone controls allow you to boost and cut certain frequencies by a certain amount of decibels, allowing the bassist an impressive level of tonal control. Funk bassists particularly love this but all bass players can make good use of these features.
Every guitatguitar store has a dedicated bass department and within each of these departments you'll find a large selection of Ibanez basses. Visit your nearest store to see our collections in person or browse our entire range here on the website.
Ibanez have such a wide range of bass instruments available, there is something for every type of bassist. Whether you play funk, jazz, rock, metal or any combination of these, there will be an Ibanez bass that will allow you to play any style you desire.
Ibanez basses have been used by players such as Fieldy (Korn), the late Paul Gray (Slipknot), Thundercat and Mike D'Antonio from Killswitch Engage.