Ibanez Short Scale Basses

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About Ibanez Short Scale Basses

Ibanez Short Scale Basses are an ideal option for all types of players thanks to their ergonomic design and wide range of tones offered via their Dynamix pickups. Each Ibanez short scale bass features a classic combination of a poplar body with a maple neck and medium frets, that deliver excellent playability and a detailed tone. Short scale basses are an obvious choice for children and smaller players, but even full sized adults can love what a short scale bass can offer, and while the shorter scale length makes the bass easier to play, it also adds a warmer vintage style character to the guitar that sounds great.

Why Should I Choose an Ibanez Short Scale Bass?

  • Excellent range of tones
  • Great playability
  • Ideal for smaller players

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Short Scale Basses

Question: Are Ibanez short scale basses worth it?
Yes, Ibanez short scale basses are loved for their professional features, wide range of tones and excellent playability.
Question: Is the Ibanez Talman bass a short scale?
The Talman TMB30 basses have a short 30" scale, while TMB100 basses have a full sized 34" scale.