Little Martin Guitars

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About Little Martin

The Little Martin is a high quality compact guitar perfect for the travelling or beginner guitar player. There are a variety of options to choose from such as wood combinations or if you would like a pickup in the guitar. There is a model for every occasion. Every Little Martin is built with Eco-conscious materials as well which is not only great for the environment but the materials keep the guitar stable no matter where you're playing.

The smaller body shape and shorter scale length creates a comfortable experience for any veteran player or an easy starting point for any new player. The Little Martin can be taken anywhere you go, if it's on holiday or to a guitar lesson with the Martin quality you know you can rely upon. Our Little Martin guitars come included with a guitar bag.


Why Should I Choose a Little Martin Guitar?

  • Super compact design
  • Martin guitars quality
  • Shorter scale length makes it easy to play
  • Comes in a variety of wood choices
  • Fishman Electronics

Frequently Asked Questions about Little Martin Guitars

Question: Are Little Martin guitars any good?
Yes, Little Martin guitars are a great choice for anyone needing a compact guitar with quality features.
Question: What strings do you put on a Little Martin?
Little Martin guitars can be used with regular string sets just like any other guitar.
Question: Where is the Little Martin range made?
The Little Martin is made at Martin's Mexico factory in Navojoa, Sonora.
Question: Are Little Martin guitars good for beginners?
Yes. Due to their shorter scale making them slightly easier to play they can be very good guitars for beginners.
Question: Which artists play a Little Martin guitar?
Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest artists to play a Little Martin using it throughout his career. Many other artists from Willie Nelson to Thom York have relied on Martin guitars quality throughout the years as well.