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About the Little Martin

The Little Martin is perfect for beginners looking for a high quality starter guitar. It is also a great choice for experienced players seeking a travel sized guitar. Martin offer a full range of these smaller instruments under the LX name. This range includes the LX1e , the LXM and the LXK2.

With downsized bodies and smaller scale lengths, everytbody will be able to get their hands around these beautiful mini Martin guitars with ease. Take a Martin guitar with you everywhere you go with the travel size Little Martin range.

Frequently Asked Questions about Little Martin Guitars

The Little Martin range all have a scale length of 23" which is a good inch and a half shorter than most full-size guitars. Their bodies are smaller and slightly shallower too. Size-wise, they are not dissimilar to Parlour guitar, though the shape is known as a 'modified 0'.
Yes, they do. Due to their reduced body size and scale length, Little martins have a bright, breezy sound that is strong in the upper mid-range area. They have slightly less power and sustain than full-sized Martins but have a quality, convincing acoustic sound all of their own.
The Little Martin is made at Martin's Mexico factory in Navojoa, Sonora.
Indeed, the Little Martin is an exceptional starter guitar: it is easy to play, comfortable, has less tension in the strings (due to the smaller scale length) so fingers won't hurt so much and it sounds fantastic.
While it is always worth checking these things with your airline, the Little Martin is certainly small enough to fit - inside its own custom gig bag - into an aeroplane's overhead compartment.