Classical Guitar Strings

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About Classical Guitar Strings

Classical Guitar Strings are an essential component for players looking to dive into the world of classical guitar. Classical guitar strings are made of nylon, the nylon strings provide a different sound and feel to regular steel string acoustic guitars, and are an essential component of classical, flamenco and ukelele playing.

Classical guitar strings come in a variety of different brands, that offer classical guitar strings in different tensions. Classical guitar strings are classified by tension rather than the gauge of regular steel guitar strings. The tension of classical and nylon guitar strings determines the responsiveness and how quickly a string recovers from being plucked, with higher tension strings recovering quicker. This aids quicker playing styles, but requires more strength and resilience of the fingers.

Why Should I Change My Classical Guitar Strings?

  • Essential for classical guitar playing
  • Different tension for different playing styles
  • Various different classical and nylon guitar strings brands to suit your style

Frequently Asked Questions about Classical Guitar Strings

Question: What does Normal Tension and High Tension mean with classical strings?
With classical strings, strings are classified by tension rather than gauge (thickness). The harder the tension, the quicker the string will 'recover' from being plucked by the player's finger. This aids quicker playing but the increased tension also makes the strings harder on the fingers.
Question: What type of strings are best for classical guitar?
The best type of classical guitar strings will depend on your playing style and personal preferences. D'Addario EJ27M Classical Strings are very popular for a number of classical guitar players.
Question: Do classical guitar strings matter?
Yes, choosing the correct classical guitar strings will have an important impact on your playing. Certain brands of classical guitar string will improve the longevity of your strings, and the tension of the string will affect your performance in a very tangible way.
Question: Why do some nylon string sets have ball ends?
Nylon strings are typically tied on to the guitar's bridge but some players find this off-puttingly fiddly. Happily, some manufacturers make classical nylon strings with the same type of ball ends you'd find on steel acoustic strings. This means you can just pull them through the holes in your guitar's bridge, providing that your guitar's bridge is suitable! Please talk to our staff if you are unsure.
Question: Do I need special guitar strings for flamenco playing?
No, regular nylon strings will be suitable for Flamenco playing. Go for as hard a tension as you can though, to improve string response and recovery. This will speed you up!
Question: Do classical guitars have 6 nylon strings?
Yes. Classical guitars use strings made of nylon, the three lower strings being nylon wrapped in metal.