Classical Guitar Strings

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About Classical Guitar Strings

Classical guitar strings are available from guitarguitar. Nylon strings are used on classical guitars, flamenco guitars and ukuleles. They have a very particular feel and sound.

We keep ranges in stock from D'Addario, Martin and more. Whether you prefer normal tension or herder tension strings, we have you covered at guitarguitar. Visit your local guitarguitar for your next set of nylon strings or choose from our entire online selection right here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Classical Guitar Strings

Question: What does Normal Tension and High Tension mean with classical strings?
With classical strings, strings are classified by tension rather than gauge (thickness). The harder the tension, the quicker the string will 'recover' from being plucked by the player's finger. This aids quicker playing but the increased tension also makes the strings harder on the fingers.
Question: Why do some nylon string sets have ball ends?
Nylon strings are typically tied on to the guitar's bridge but some players find this off-puttingly fiddly. Happily, some manufacturers make classical nylon strings with the same type of ball ends you'd find on steel acoustic strings. This means you can just pull them through the holes in your guitar's bridge, providing that your guitar's bridge is suitable! Please talk to our staff if you are unsure.
Question: Do I need special guitar strings for flamenco playing?
No, regular nylon strings will be suitable for Flamenco playing. Go for as hard a tension as you can though, to improve string response and recovery. This will speed you up!