Modular Synths & Sound Modules

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About Modular Synths & Sound Modules

Modular synth and sound modules shift the focus fully onto the production of unique and interesting sounds. Since the late 1960s, modular synthesizers have been used to break into new frontiers of tone. They have been used in popular music and on movie soundtracks for many years.
While sound modules are often seen as a synthesizer without the keyboard, modular synths are constructed using the individual components of a synthesizer. The advantage of this is the ability to choose a module based on its features or character sound. Each module can then be patched into the signal chain to create new tones. It's essentially like building your own custom synthesizer and it's fun!
Sound modules can be designed to be a component of a modular synth, however many are synthesizers in their own right. These synths are loved for their small footprint, meaning you can have many modular synths in your setup that are controlled via a MIDI keyboard or computer.


Why Should I Choose a Modular Synth or Sound Module?

  • Easy to customise your setup
  • Small footprint
  • Wide range of tonal options
  • Patching is fun!

Frequently Asked Questions about Modular Synths & Sound Modules

Question: What is the advantage of a modular synth?
Modular synths allow you to create your own signature sound. By selecting your favourite modules and patching them together in unique ways, you can develop sounds that have never been heard before.
Question: What is the difference between a sound module and a modular synth?
A sound module can either be a synthesizer without a keyboard (which is convenient because it takes up less space) or an individual component of a modular synth. A modular synth is a synthesizer made up of individual modules. The advantage of this is the ability to choose specific parts of your synth based on their unique qualities
Question: Are all modular synths compatible with Eurorack?
No. While some modular synths can communicate with a Eurorack setup through CV/Gate, they will not fully integrate with a Eurorack set-up unless they are stated to be Eurorack compatible.
Question: What is the best modular synth for a beginner?
The Teenage Engineering POM-170 is an ideal option for those new to synthesis. It has many of the features of large modular synth and Eurorack setups without being overly complicated to operate or construct.