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About Roland Boutique

The Boutique series by Roland is a celebration of some of Roland's most iconic keyboards and synthesizers. For over 40 years, Roland keyboards like the Jupiter 8, Juno 60, D-50 and TB303 have defined multiple genres of music.

Some key Roland synthesizers follow a similar narrative that sees them come into popularity once they've been discontinued. More affordable on the second-hand market and seen as slightly outdated, they became accessible to younger musicians who would innovate new ways to use this older technology and birth genres like electro, acid house and chillwave. Until relatively recently, these older synths were still relatively affordable, but are now incredibly desirable and valuable.

Acknowledging this demand, Roland introduced the Boutique range, offering these classic Roland sounds in a more compact and affordable format that new and experienced musicians love! The Roland Boutique series regularly releases new models to high demand and we've even seen some of the limited edition models go up in value!

Why Should I Choose a Roland Boutique?

  • The closest possible way to get authentic vintage Roland sounds
  • Powerful synthesis in a compact form
  • Analog sound with digital reliability
  • Popular with collectors

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Boutique

Question: Do Roland Boutique instruments have built-in speakers?
All Roland Boutique instruments feature a built-in speaker with the exception of the SE-02, which is also the only analog Boutique synth.
Question: What is a Roland Boutique?
Boutique synths are each based on a classic piece of Roland equipment and accurately model it. Digitally recreated down to the last circuit and crammed into a compact case, Boutique synths and drum machines are the closest possible way to get those iconic sounds without spending thousands on a vintage piece of equipment.
Question: Is a Roland Boutique any good?
Yes, if you're after that authentic Roland sound, this is the only way to get it without investing in a vintage piece of equipment.
Question: Is the Roland Boutique Series analog?
The Boutique line is all digital, but uses innovative technology to emulate the sound of each component in the circuit board to give an authentic vintage sound, without any of the tuning instability that is common with vintage equipment.