Roland Synthesizers

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About Roland Synthesizers

Roland synthesizers are loved for their innovative design and sound. For more than 40 years, Roland synths have been used to sculpt the sound of pop, rock and electronic music.
The latest series of Roland synthesizers incorporates elements that both borrow from the past and look to the future. Groundbreaking instruments like the digital/analog hybrid JD-XA, or the Fantom and Jupiter-X both use the Roland's ZEN-Core engine to achieve stunning synthesis modelling with easy DAW integration. Roland synthesizers continue to offer musicians fresh and exciting sounds with an intuitive user interface.

Why Should I Choose a Roland Synthesizer?

  • Work class sounds from cutting edge synthesis
  • Intuitive user interface that puts music at your fingertips
  • Professional build quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Synthesizers

Question: What is the best Roland synthesizer for beginners?
The Roland JDXi is one of our most popular synthesizers for beginners. It's a versatile keyboard and an excellent entry into music production. It features both digital and analog synthesis, as well as drum sounds, a vocoder and 4 track sequencing. It's fun to use and easy to begin crafting your own songs.
Question: Do I need an amp for a Roland synthesizer?
Most synthesizers don't feature built-in speakers, so an amp is a good option for practice and performance.
Question: Are Roland synthesizers digital or analog?
Most current Roland synthesizers use digital modelling to offer pristine sound quality. Even when accurately recreating analog hardware, acute attention to detail is used to give an indistinguishable tone from vintage analog equipment. With this said, the JD-XA and JD-Xi are both unique synths in that they feature digital and analog synthesis which can be blended together for unique tones.