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About Roland Synthesizers

Roland synthesizers combine over 40 years of experience to create some of the best sounding, most playable keyboard synths and sound modules available today. Roland manufactures an excellent assortment of digital, analog and hybrid synthesizers. Whatever the style, Roland has it covered.

Roland Boutique synthesizers are made as a direct tribute to some of their iconic synthesizers from the 1980s. With synths like the SH-101, D-50 and TB-303 each getting their own reimagined module, Roland has brought an updated yet true recreation of a chunk of their history in an easy to use and portable format.

Roland Aira synths feature a sleek design with a unique approach to synthesis. While the System-1 and System-8 are powerful synths in their own right, they also offer 'Plug-Out' compatibility, offering users the ability to load in a virtual version of a classic synthesizer to vastly expand their palette of sound. Some plugout synthesizers available are the Roland SH-101, Promars, Jupiter-8 and Juno-106.

The Roland JDXi and JDXa offer a unique approach to synthesis by providing the ability to blend both digital and analog oscillators to create new textures. The JDXi works like a mini workstation, packed with drum, synth and acoustic sounds and featuring 4 track sequencing and a vocoder. The JDXa works like a tone generator, with multiple analog and digital oscillators. It is capable of creating beautiful blended sounds and evolving patches only capable on this fantastic synth.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Synthesizers

Question: What was the first Roland synthesizer?
Roland's first synthesizer was the SH-1000. This was the first mass production synthesizer made in Japan.
Question: How many keys do Roland Boutique synthesizers have?
Roland Boutique synths don't have keys. However, notes can be triggereed via the ribbon controls on the synth or with the 25 key K-25m keyboard. Alternatively, Boutique synths can be controlled via a regular MIDI controller keyboard.
Question: Who plays Roland synthesizers?
Some notable Roland users include Liam Howlett from The Prodigy, The Chainsmokers, Matthew Healy of The 1975 and synth-god Gary Numan.