DI Boxes

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About DI Boxes

DI Boxes are an essential part of a musician's high-quality setup. DI is known to stand for Direct Injection or Direct Input, as you are plugging directly into the box then sending the signal to its final destination. Their purpose is to convert the input from an unbalanced high impedance signal to a balanced low impedance one. This is required for use with studio and live performance equipment such as a public address system. It also reduces interference and keeps the signal sounding as good as it should.

They come in many shapes and sizes and can have an array of additional features such as a Ground Lift or Pad. They are commonly used on electric bass guitars and can be blended with an amp sound for extra clarity. Brands such as Tech 21, LR Baggs, Zoom, and Orange all make excellent DI Boxes, with some specifically made for acoustic guitar. Those who are serious about live performance and recording should have a DI Box in their rig.

Why Should I Choose a DI Box?

  • Lets you safely connect acoustic guitars and other instruments to a PA
  • Can combat groundloop noise
  • Get the cleanest signal from unbalanced connections to your desk

Frequently Asked Questions about DI Boxes

Question: What does a DI Box do?
A DI Box converts an unbalanced signal like that of a guitar into a balanced signal. This allows the signal to then be used with other equipment such as a PA system or for recording purposes.
Question: Are DI Boxes necessary?
Yes. DI Boxes are necessary if you wish to use an unbalanced high impedance signal with a balanced low impedance piece of equipment.
Question: Does a DI Box make a difference?
Yes, a DI Box can make a huge difference to the quality of your signal. As they have been specifically designed to get the most out of your instrument or equipment, it is a simple way to achieve a professional sound.
Question: Does a DI Box boost signal?
While some DI Boxes do have a function to boost the level of your signal, their main purpose is to convert it for use with other equipment.