DI Boxes

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About DI Boxes

DI Boxes offer a simple way of converting unbalanced signals into balanced signals for connection to a PA or soundboard in live and studio use. Converting a signal from an unbalanced signal (from guitars, synthesizers or drum modules) into a balanced signal allows the audio which would otherwise be susceptible to interference and noise to travel a long distance unaffected. DI Boxes come in both passive and active formats and can sometimes feature Ground Lift and a level reducing Pad switch to take some of the heat out of particularly hot signals.

Frequently Asked Questions about DI Boxes

No. A DI box is really for bringing an unbalanced low-level signal up to a microphone's balanced strong signal, meaning a microphone will work simply by being plugged directly into a mixing desk or stage box.
Active DI boxes require either Phantom Power or a battery to operate. The electrical charge allows the box to give lower level signals a boost, causing them to travel further down a cable without interference and therefore granting easy gaining at the desk. Stronger signals such as those from an active bass guitar can get distorted with an active DI Box and are much more suited to Passive DI Boxes. Passive DI Boxes don't require any power and are a good match for hotter signals as they tend to saturate the signal when it is overdriven rather than immediately distort like Active DI boxes do. It's really down to what you're using it with, so if you're in doubt over which type of output your instrument produces please contact us and we can select the correct DI Box for your needs.