Palmer DI Boxes

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About Palmer DI Boxes

Palmer DI Boxes are among the most compact and reliable DI boxes available. With a robust metal construction, premium sound quality and features like pad and ground lift switching, Palmer DI Boxes are an ideal option for use on stage and in recording studios with electro-acoustic guitars, keyboards and synthesizers.

Palmer DI Boxes also feature link outputs making them ideal for use with bass guitars, allowing you to send a dry signal to your desk and then linking to the bass amp to fill out the low end in your venue or giving you the option to also mic up the amp as you record. If you're looking for a versatile and virtually indestructible direct injection option, you'll find it in Palmer DI Boxes.

Why Should I Choose a Palmer DI Box?

  • Excellent for stage and studio use
  • Reliable build quality
  • Built-in ground lift

Frequently Asked Questions about Palmer DI Boxes

Question: What does a Palmer DI box do?
One of the main features of a DI box is to convert an unbalanced signal to a balanced signal that's suitable for travelling over longer cable lengths to a mixing desk without risk of interference.
Question: Are Palmer DI Boxes any good?
Yes. Palmer DI boxes offer great features and reliable build quality.
Question: Why should I choose a Palmer DI box?
Palmer DI boxes offer great sound quality and are built to last.