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About Guitar Slides

Guitar Slides are a useful tool, worn on one of the fingers of the player's left hand, that allow for some very specific and unique sounds. Slide playing is strongly associated with Blues guitar, though many other genres make use of the various slide techniques.

Slides can be made from several different types of material, with glass, steel and brass being the most popular. There are various sizes and thicknesses available to suit different finger sizes and playing styles.

Many companies produce slides, though the market is dominated by Dunlop who produce a particularly large range.

At guitarguitar, we keep a large variety of slides in stock. We have ceramic slides, Tone bars (like slides but held rather than worn) and metal & glass slides of all sizes available to try in-store. Visit one of our showrooms or browse our slide selection right here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Slides

Question: Do the different slide materials affect the sound?
Yes. Metal slides tend to sound sharper and have more treble content in the sound than glass slides. Glass has a slightly softer and rounder sound. Lots of slide players keep a collection of different slides handy to suit different songs.
Question: What is a Blues Bottle?
A Blues Bottle is a type of glass slide modelled after an old-style medicine bottle. Players such as Duane Allman used to use a medicine bottle in place of a purpose-built slide. Since he is renowned as one of the world's greatest players of slide guitar, others have sought to emulate his practice ever since. This means using a medicine bottle in place of a slide, too! Dunlop design these Blues Bottles to be as historically accurate as possible.