Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

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About Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Left handed acoustic guitars are an area we at guitarguitar pay particular attention to. We stock more left handed dreadnought, auditorium, grand auditorium, jumbo, electro acoustic, steel string and nlyon string classical guitars than any other UK dealer.

We keep a large range of Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Lowden and Sigma guitars as well as many other brands, all for left-handed acoustic guitar players. Some of our best selling left handed acoustic guitars include the Fender CD-60S LH and the Martin LX1 LH.

Frequently Asked Questions about Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Truly, the easiest way is to try both. One way will definitely feel more natural to you, even if you cannot yet play. Just try sitting down with a left handed guitar nestled in playing position in your lap. Then do exactly the same with a right handed guitar. You should immediately know which way to go. Our staff are always on hand to help so please visit us and ask one of the team for help!
Some of the most popular left handed acoustic guitar models include the Fender CD-60S LH and the Sigma 000M-15 L+.
Every one of our stores has a good selection of left-handed acoustic guitars but our dedicated acoustic showrooms in Birmingham, Glasgow and London naturally have an even wider stock available to see, try and buy. Our website has the entire company's stock available to peruse online.