Gibson Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

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About Gibson Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Gibson left handed acoustic guitars are available to allow southpaw guitar fans to enjoy some of the finest acoustic guitars of all time. SJ-200, Hummingbird and J-45 models are all available to lefties at no additional cost! A large amount of the Gibson acoustic catalogue is available left handed so the chances are your favourite square shouldered Dreadnought or Southern Jumbo will be available to you after all!

We are a major Gibson dealer. As one of only a select few authorised dealers in the UK, we endeavor to keep the biggest and best selection of left handed Gibson acoustic guitars in stock at all times. Whether you want to order online and have your dream guitar delivered to you or pay us a visit and try a selection of models in store, there is only one choice when it comes to left-handed acoustic guitars: guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Question: Where can I go to try out a left handed Gibson acoustic guitar?
All of our guitarguitar stores keep stock of left handed Gibson acoustic guitars. Across the company we keep a comprehensive range, all of which can be bought here from the website, but do check before you leave the house that the guitar you're interested in is located at the store you're heading to! Have a look at the guitar's product page and you'll see on the right hand side which stores stock it.
Question: Do Gibson charge more money for their left handed acoustic guitars?
No, Gibson actually charge the same amount of money for the left handed equivalents of any given acoustic guitar model as they do for the right handed guitars.