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About Gibson J-45

The Gibson J-45 is one of the quintessential Gibson acoustic guitars. Described by Gibson themselves back in the day as a 'workhorse', this stripped back instrument is perhaps the most popular Gibson acoustic model in history. Released in 1934 and known to Gibson as a round shouldered 'Jumbo', the J-45 is in reality far more like a dreadnought in style than anything else. With relatively straightforward styling, the J-45 lets its play-ability and sound do the talking, although with its trademark Vintage Sunburst finish (it comes in other colours too!), it is still a beautiful looking instrument.

There have been numerous iterations of this instruments over the many decades of its existence but the classic J-45 is made from solid mahogany with a solid spruce top. The characteristic sound is a great balance of frequencies, making it a superb go-to guitar for almost any style, picked or strummed. Modern Gibson J-45 guitars are often electro models fitted with a pickup system, allowing these wonderful instruments to be taken straight from their case and onto the stage!

At guitarguitar, acoustic guitars are a significant part of our stock and trade. We love them and we love Gibson acoustics in particular. We think that to hold a Gibson in your arms is to carry a piece of history and a piece of art. As such, we make sure all of our stores are well stocked with a wide variety of Gibson acoustics including the J-45 in various guises. As authorised Gibson and Gibson Custom dealers, we are able to secure many limited run and special edition instruments that other dealers cannot.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson J-45

Gibson generally offer limited runs of J-45 guitars with all kinds of unique variations. These can include cutaway models, alternative tonewoods such as Walnut, 'Regal' models with gold hardware & binding and limited edition finishes including Olive Green and even Neon Green! These guitars appear in various guises throughout the year so keep your eyes on the website for fresh deliveries! Better still, sign up for our email newsletters and be the first to know about exciting new models.
Every guitarguitar store carries a healthy selection of Gibson acoustic guitars. The actual models available will vary from store to store so please check the website first or telephone the appropriate store to find a guitar's location and availability before you pay us a visit! We do, however, keep a lot of J-45 models in stock, (over 15 varieties usually) so we should be able to provide you with the guitar you're after!
Yes! Many of Gibson's J-45 guitars come fitted with great pickups. The standard J-45 model comes with an LR Baggs Element VTC pickup installed for incredible live acoustic sounds.
The Gibson J-45 has a famously versatile sound. The classic-style J-45 is made from solid Mahogany with a Spruce top. Therefore, you get a sound that is evenly balanced with a warm mid-range and a sparkling top end. The body size ensures that the sound is 'large' without being boomy or bottom heavy. Rather, the J-45 has a crisp and focused sound which compliments chordal strumming and more delicate finger-picking equally. It records really well too, having lots of presence and cohesion in its inherent tone.