Fender Telecaster

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About the Fender Telecaster

The Fender Telecaster has been the first choice for rebellious rock 'n' roll guitarists since its inception in 1952. This is one electric guitar that just works. As beloved by Country players as by Punks, the Telecaster has an Evergreen appeal that has seen it adapt to every major genre in music.

Famous telecaster players include Keith Richards, Joe Strummer & Bruce Springsteen. The sound of a traditional Telecaster is twangy but strong, cutting and tight. It is as revered for rhythm playing as it is for spry country leads and Chicago Blues soul.

The Telecaster is one of Fender's two most significant guitar designs. It is available in every electric guitar range Fender offer from Squier right through to the Custom Shop. This includes the American Elite and Classic Player ranges among others.

The Tele is traditionally made with two single coil pickups. More modern versions of the guitar such as the Player Tele HH and the Jim Root Telecaster swap out the single coils for hot sounding humbuckers. This opens up the charm and vibe of the instrument to a wider audience than ever. Jump into any of our stores and enjoy one of the biggest selections of Telecasters in the country.

What Makes the Fender Telecaster Different?

  • Fender's first ever production guitar
  • Distinctive 'twang' sound makes it perfect for every style of playing from Country to Hard Rock
  • Utilitarian design and strong, cutting tone which have proven the perfect match for millions of players
  • Loved by both traditionalists and rebels
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Telecaster

    Telecasters have been used by lots of iconic frontpeople including Joe Strummer, PJ Harvey and Bruce Springsteen. Jonny Greenwood, Anna Calvi and John 5 love them, as do traditional Country players including Brad Paisley and Jerry Donahue. Muddy Waters and Keith Richards love them since they are great for Blues too. Famous players in every genre adore the simplicity and attitude of the Fender Telecaster.