Guitar Capos

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About Guitar Capos

Guitar capos are simple but very effective devices. They are used to clamp around any given fret of a guitar and thus raise the instrument's pitch accordingly.

Most genres of music require the use of a capo to one degree or another. Capos are used for changing the key of a song without having to re-learn chord shapes and positions. They also help to change the sound of chords since open chords have a noticeably different tonality to fully fretted chords.

Capos are made from numerous materials and can vary in design. Simpler capos work rather like belts whilst more sophisticated models use variations of a 'trigger' design to 'bite' the guitar's neck (harmlessly!) and hold down the strings.

We keep a wide variety of capos available. Please visit us to try them out for yourself or simply browse the full range online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Capos

For a long time, the most popular capo has been the Dunlop 83CB Trigger Capo. Recently, though, the Tourtech TTA-C01 capo has been giving it more than a run for its money!
Generally speaking, you can use the same capo for your electric and acoustic guitars.The only issue would be with a classical guitar. They have wider, thicker necks with much flatter fingerboards and therefore require their own specific capos in order to work efficiently. We sell these too, both online and in-store.
Hmmm. Some strange people come out with this statement once in a while but, if that were the case, then the following list of capo-users would then all be amateurs: Keith Richards, Pete Townshend, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Mark Knopfler and Ry Cooder. So no, capos are certainly not for amateurs!
No, none of the capos we sell will damage your guitar's finish or frets if used properly and taken care of. Trigger capos can be safely clipped onto the headstock of your guitar for short periods when not in use.