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About Morley Pedals

Morley Pedals have a rich history in the guitar and indeed the audio technology world, founded by two brothers, Marv and Ray Lublow stamped their footprint on rock and roll history with the creation of Morley pedals. Already successful business men and inventors in the audio and visual world by the 60's, Morley's notable start in the music industry could be the partnership with Leo Fender to create vibrato units for Fender amps at the start of the decade. The brothers continued making OEM parts for Fender in the 60's as well as making a name for themselves under the brand name Morley. However the 70's is where Morley pedals start to look like the revolutionary pedal company we know them to be with Ray Lublow developing the electro optical circuitry that is still used today! This technology eliminated the usual wear of potentiometers and thus Morley pedals didn't suffer the same scratchy sounding tone that could eventually afflict so many wah pedals of the time.

Morley moved from strength to strength as the decades moved on with artists such as Cliff Burton, Steve Vai, Mark Tremonti, and George Lynch all choosing Morley pedals. Today there is a classic Morley pedal line that features many great options for guitarists with a signature robust quality and design, even featuring foot treadle controls on famous wah pedals. If you're looking for a rugged and tour worthy wah, Morley is the way to go!

Why Should I Choose a Morley Pedal?

  • Rugged design
  • Electro Optical design eliminates potentiometer wear
  • Versatile with added foot treadle controls
  • Used by many giant names in music

Frequently Asked Questions about Morley Pedals

Question: Are Morley pedals any good?
Yes Morley pedals are good featuring a robust design and fantastic sound.
Question: Where are Morley pedals made?
Morley pedals are made in the USA.
Question: Which guitarists use a Morley pedal?
Huge names such as Steve Vai, Mark Tremonti, and George Lynch use a Morley pedal.
Question: What pedals do Morley produce?
Morley produce many great pedals such as the Bad Horsie Wah, the Power Fuzz Wah, Gold Series ABY pedals, and more!
Question: Where does the name 'Morley' come from?
It's actually quite a fun story. The company began with the name Tel-Ray, producing small versions of Leslie speaker cabinets. The name Morley came about as a joke: Leslie/Morley - Less/More!