Drum Microphones

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About Drum Microphones

Drum Mics are available either individually or as part of a drum pack and are designed to withstand the high volumes and wide range of frequencies produced by a drum kit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drum Microphones

Question: I want to record my drums but only have a 2 channel audio interface, what can I do?
If you are looking for a roomy open drum sound, you could experiment with a multipolar pattern microphone such as the Sontronics Orpheus or Rode NT2000 to get a sound you are happy with. Alternatively, you could expand on your interface. Some audio interfaces feature an ADAT input which allows you to easily add extra microphone inputs. We believe it's worth confirming if your audio interface supports this approach because expanders such as the Audient ASP800 or Presonus' Digimax D8 both feature high-quality preamps and will allow you to record the individual tracks to your DAW. Finally, you could use a mixing desk and run the outputs to the two input channels on your audio interface but you will only be able to record a stereo mix of your drums. This approach was the norm until the early 70s.
Question: Can I only use drum mics on drums?
Some drum mics which are designed to clip onto toms and snares are clearly intended to be used only on drums. However, microphones such as the Shure SM57 or Beta 52A have other uses. The SM57 has been one of the most versatile microphones available for decades: not only is it excellent on snare drums and toms, it is the standard for micing guitar cabs and is the go-to microphone for use with anything unusual. The Beta 52A is perfect for capturing lower frequencies, so not only is it excellent on kick drums, it is also used frequently on bass guitar amps.