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About Death By Audio Pedals

Death By Audio Pedals are high-quality effects that are hand-made from Queens, New York. Founded in 2002, Death By Audio create everything from distortion and fuzz pedals, to delay & reverb and filter pedals and much more.

Death By Audio pride themselves on their use of high-quality components and materials, utilising technology such as medical-grade IC chips, and military grade electronics to push the boundaries of their pedals sound and robustness.

Ultimately, Death By Audio pedals are diverse, easy-to-use and feature some stunning designs. They're the perfect addition to your pedalboard.

Why Should I Choose a Death By Audio Pedals?

  • Wide Variety of Pedals
  • Handmade in New York, USA
  • Made With The Best Components
  • Excellent Designs
  • Produce Killer Tones

Frequently Asked Questions about Death By Audio Pedals

Question: Are Death by Audio pedals any good?
Yes. Death By Audio pedals are very good. They are made with excellent components, provide players with a wealth of awesome tones and boast some stunning designs.
Question: Who uses a Death by Audio pedal?
Death By Audio pedals have found themselves in the gear of some of the worlds best musicians. From Lou Reed, Radiohead, and U2, to St. Vincent, Nine Inch Nails and many more.
Question: Where are Death by Audio pedals made?
Death By Audio pedals are made in Queens, New York, USA.
Question: What is the best Death by Audio pedal?
The best Death By Audio pedal is largely dependent on individual preference, however the Fuzz War pedal is our bestselling Death By Audio pedal ,and with good reason. It is a very simple and easy to use pedal that provides an immensely saturated fuzz tone that's hard to beat.