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About Pedal Power Supplies

Pedal power supplies are an essential purchase for effects-friendly guitarists. A good power supply gives your guitar pedals all of the juice they need to run efficiently and safely along with a low level of background noise and signal degradation. A good power supply also takes a lot of stress away for the guitarist who regularly performs live since it will be reliable in terms of function and build quality.

Power supplies come in different forms. At their most simple, you get supplies that are essentially wall adapters with a ‘daisy chain’ cable for powering the pedals. They are affordable and effective but are not as strong or silent as ‘box’ supplies.

Box supplies are what most guitarists velcro to their pedal boards. They often have individual, isolated connections for the pedals so that venue power problems won’t affect all pedals at once. They also often offer multiple voltages in order to power pedals that require more than the requisite 9v. Many of these use IEC plugs (kettle plugs to you and I!) for their own power connection, making replacement cables a straightforward affair.

There are lots of power supplies available and the subject can become understandably confusing. Thankfully, our trained staff are well-versed in every detail of the subject so you can rest easy in the knowledge that when you come to any guitarguitar UK store, you will receive the best choice, the best gear and the best service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pedal Power Supplies

These days, many of the power supplies we sell accommodate these other variations of voltage. MXR's M238 Iso Brick stands out, as does Walrus Audio's Pheonix 15 but there are more on offer from T-Rex, Strymon, Truetone and many others, all available here on the site or from our stores.
In terms of guitar power supplies, 'isolated' means that there is a safety measure built into the unit. Electronic barriers are used to separate the individual outputs. These barriers prevent dangerous voltages passing through the entire supply, frying your prized pedals and even worse!
Ground hum is an annoying 50/60Hz buzz that occurs when a few separate currents (i.e. your pedals) all run at once through different pathways. This problem can be exacerbated by bright lights, laptops and televisions. Ground hum is a pain but properly shielded cables at least stop the situation getting worse. Try using the ingenious 'Hum Debugger' by Electro-Harmonix in your effects is spooky how good this little box does its job! Using an isolated power supply is also a great way to combat the dreaded hum!
Definitely, and if your pedal board is really so big that you need two separate power supplies, we salute you! There is no real problem with this at all but if you are using a 4 way multi-socket adapter to power both supplies, we'd advise ensuring that it is a 'surge-protected' version, just to be on the safe side.