Acoustic Guitars for Beginners - The best present they'll never forget

Everything you need to start playing acoustic

EastCoast G1 video

EastCoast G1

  • Add beginner accessory pack (+£40.00)
EastCoast G1CE video

EastCoast G1CE

  • Solid top upgrade (+£50.00)
  • Add amp pack (+£100.00)
EastCoast G1SCE video

EastCoast G1SCE

  • Add amp pack (+£100.00)

Outstanding Quality and Value

Take the guesswork out of choosing your first acoustic guitar! We have selected a group of guitars that we believe are perfect for new players. Choose right first time and enjoy learning the acoustic guitar!

  • Acoustic guitar close up front view

    Stand-Alone Portability

    Acoustic guitars need no additional amplification of cabling in order to function. You simply pick one up and begin playing! This also means that acoustic guitars are neater and tidier to have around the house, since there is no need for cables all over the floor!

  • Acoustic guitar close up front view

    Solid Top

    Our Acoustic Pro Starter Pack's guitar model has a solid top. This means that the face of the guitar is made with a solid piece of timber. The more you play it, the better it'll sound as the wood seasons and ages!

  • Acoustic guitar side view

    Pickup system

    Two of our guitar choices here offer pickup systems. They still work in exactly the same way as a normal acoustic guitar, but with the added bonus of being able to be plugged into an acoustic amplifier for live performances. This gives you more options about what you do with the guitar, plus it makes things more fun!