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About Ampeg Guitar Pedals

Ampeg Guitar Pedals are an easy way to recreate classic Ampeg bass amp tones without lugging around gigantic amp stacks!

Ampeg currently have several bass guitar pedals in the range. Each fulfils the standard building blocks bassists need when assembling a pedalboard: EQ, compression, gain and chorus. The EQ and gain are the most authentically ‘Ampeg’ sounding. The Ampeg Classic analog bass preamp pedal boasts a three-band active EQ with buttons to boost ‘Ultra-Lo’ and ‘Ultra-Hi’ frequencies. It also benefits from true bypass switching and an all analog circuit.

The Ampeg Scrambler is the iconic Ampeg SVT gain channel in a pedal format; giving you all the grit, grind and sag these amps are famous for. These two pedals are combined in the SCR-DI which has all the same control as an SVT head but in a portable DI format, meaning no need for an additional di box.

Elsewhere in the range is the Opto Comp optical compressor. This is ideal for evening out your playing, and the Liquifier Analog chorus, adding lush movement to an otherwise sterile bass tone. These Ampeg pedals provide an affordable route to a professional sound.

What Makes Ampeg Guitar Pedals Different?

  • Classic bass amp tones
  • Excellent for touring and recording
  • All the basic building blocks
  • Portable and affordable
  • Compact and easy to use

Frequently Asked Questions about Ampeg Guitar Pedals

Question: Are Ampeg pedals any good?
Yes! Ampeg pedals are a great choice for bassists looking to improve their sound and have a professional tone for recording and live performance.
Question: What are Ampeg pedals good for?
Ampeg pedals are good for creating a distinctive bass tone that will sit well in a mix and be heard in a live music environment.
Question: Where are Ampeg pedals made?
A lot of the Ampeg pedals are designed in USA and made in China.
Question: Who uses an Ampeg pedal?
World famous bassists such as Tim Commerford, Miki Santamaria and Tim Lefebvre all use Ampeg pedals to achieve their tone.
Question: Are Ampeg guitar pedals battery powered?
You can run Ampeg guitar pedals from either a 9v centre negative power supply or a 9v PP3 battery.
Question: Are Ampeg pedals for guitar or bass?
Ampeg pedals are designed with bassists in mind as they recreate their famous bass amps and are optimised for low-end performance. There’s absolutely no harm in experimenting by using these effects with an electric guitar - the Scrambler overdrive pedal and Liquifier analog chorus could work a treat.