Acoustic Bass Guitars

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About Acoustic Bass Guitars

Acoustic bass guitars are fantastic for 'unplugged' performances, impromptu jams and songwriting sessions. Their large bodies project lots of low end with a nice mellow tone. We have a lovely selection of bass guitars available. Most of our acoustic basses are electro models with pickup systems. This makes them perfect for playing at larger venues.

We have acoustic bass guitars from Sigma, Breedlove, Taylor, Fender and many other top quality brands. Bassists no longer have to feel left out at acoustic jam nights! The Taylor GS Mini Bass is a special shorter-scale acoustic bass, designed to be travel-friendly. This is proving to be remarkably popular with musicians on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions about Acoustic Bass Guitars

Question: Can I use an acoustic bass instead of an electric bass?
If you choose an electro acoustic bass you can certainly give it a try and see if you like the resulting sound. However, acoustic basses do have a very different quality of tone to an electric bass. They naturally have more attack but less sustain. This means you may need some help from compression and EQ if you want to play an acoustic bass with a live electric band.
Question: Which are the most popular acoustic bass guitars?
Our two best selling acoustic bass guitars are the Ibanez PCBE12MH Open Pore model and the Sigma BMC-15E. Both are high quality and provide excellent value for money.
Question: What is the general scale length of an acoustic bass?
Most acoustic basses have a 34" scale, just the same as electric basses.