Roland Electric Drums

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About Roland Electric Drums

Roland electronic drums are known for offering some of the most advanced technology designed for electronic percussion. V-Drum kits in the Roland TD50, and TD17 lines offer ultra-realistic sounds, sample playback and a natural response just like you would expect from an acoustic kit, while kits in the TD-1 range are designed to be compact and quiet, perfect for use in smaller households or in the case of the foldable TD-1KPX2, ideal for transporting to and from band practice and lessons.

Roland drums cater for the absolute beginner all the way up to touring professionals. With onboard lessons, MIDI connectivity and a selection of acoustic and electronic drums sounds, we're confident you'll find the Roland drum kit to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Electric Drums

Yes, all Roland kits have onboard songs for playing along to. Alternatively, you can run your computer, phone or iPod into the AUX input so you can play along to whichever music you desire.
You can, all Roland kits have at least one space for adding an additional pad, trigger or cymbal.
While mesh drum pads are comprised of more components, so they do tend to cost more to manufacture, the advantages of Roland mesh pads are priceless. Not only are they far quieter acoustically than rubber pads and reduce rumble through your floor, mesh pads feel and respond realistically, so transitioning from your electric kit to acoustic drums is effortless.