Roland Drum Pads

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About Roland Drum Pads

Roland drum pads and triggers are the best way to expand your electronic and acoustic drum kits. They set the industry standard for electronic percussion.

With the versatility of hybrid drumming becoming more popular, acoustic kits can be expanded with drum modules. Expansion is simple with a module such as the excellent Roland TM-6PRO. Simply connect a drum pad to the module, or attach a V-Drums trigger to the drum of your choice. A world of infinite sound options will open up!

Expanding your Roland electric drum kit couldn't be easier. With a huge range of compatible pads and triggers available, from snares and toms, to cymbals and kick pads, upgrading your set up is effortless.

Please browse the full Roland drums range online or contact your local store for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Drum Pads

Hybrid drumming is where electronic pads or triggers and a module are added to an acoustic drum kit. This is becoming very popular, not only with pop, R&B and hiphop drummers that are looking for new textures, but also with metal drummers looking for a consistent and loud kick drum sound.