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Roland Keyboards

Roland keyboards feature the pinnacle of technology for digital pianos, synthesizers, arrangers and MIDI Keyboards. With over 40 years of experience in developing their amazing hardware, Roland is a pioneer in musical technology, offering musicians maximum results from their instrument.

Roland digital pianos are world renowned for their expressive touch and amazing realism. Each piano features the SuperNATURAL system which blends samples and synthesis to create sounds which evolve as you play rather than just getting louder and quieter like some other digital pianos. SuperNATURAL accurately captures the nuances of an acoustic piano, including string resonance and interaction, hammer noise and key-off noise. These may be small characteristics, but they make pianos like the Roland FP-30, FP-90 and RD-2000 come to life. SuperNATURAL isn't exclusive to piano sounds and instruments like orchestral strings, accordions, organs and guitars are recreated with stunning accuracy.

Roland synthesizers have broken new ground since the early 1970s and synths like the FA-08 with its gargantuan sound library, the JDXa and JDXi with their analog/digital hybrid synthesis and the Aira and Boutique ranges with their hi-tech take on classic hardware still push boundaries in ways that set Roland a step ahead of the rest.

Roland Aira synths like the System-1 and System-8 sound amazing in their own right, but also feature their Plug-Out technology, which allows the user to load classic instruments like the SH-101, SH-02 and Juno-106 directly into the synthesizer for a realistic recreation of the original instrument. The Aira TB-3 is a beautiful re-imagining of the iconic TB-303 that features a backlit touch strip interface that makes it almost look more 1980s than the 1981 synthesizer it's based on.

Roland Boutique instruments offer a portable recreation of some iconic Roland synthesizers in module form. Realistic recreations of the D-50, SH-101 and TB-303 are available as the D-05, SH-01A and TB-03 and have been created by using Roland's Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology to accurately reproduce the sounds and nuances that made the originals so great. All of the Boutique machines have proven extremely popular with professional musicians and purists and would make an excellent choice as a first synthesizer or for integrating into a larger synthesizer setup.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Keyboards

Aira was created to offer high quality hardware made specifically for electronic music and designed to take a performer away from computers and put them directly in front of real instruments. It utilities Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology to accurately capture the sound and feel of living, breathing instruments, including some of Roland’s most revered classics.
The Boutique line of synthesizers and drum machines have been created as a tribute to Roland's legacy and as a way to feed the increasing demand for some of their legendary (and vintage) hardware. Using their Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology to emulate the individual components of an instrument, the Boutique synthesizers are able to accurately recreate the original sound at a fraction of the physical size, thus creating a highly portable and versatile instrument.
To create SuperNATURAL, Roland has studied each stage of a sound created by an instrument and recreated it. Rather than attempting to recreate the sound as a whole, which is the standard approach, the SuperNATURAL system uses a blend of samples and synthesis to recreate the little sounds that make up the whole sound of the instrument.