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About Roland Aira

Roland Aira equipment was first developed to meet the rising demands for vintage Roland synthesizers and drum machines. With the sound of vintage Roland equipment still dominating the airwaves, demand for these instruments was high and sent their price on the second-hand market shooting into the thousands.

Consequently, Roland was encouraged to reissue these classic pieces of equipment. However, as a Japanese company, Roland's ethos is to only move forward, so simply reissuing old equipment was never going to work for them. As a result, Aira Synth was developed to get the best out of combining new and old. Classic instruments like the TB-303 and TR-808 were refreshed into the TB3 and TR8, which both harnessed the inspiring sound of the originals using innovative circuit modelling technology, but offer a more expressive and exciting workflow.

While instruments like the System 8 takes can recreate the sound of the many classic synths and with new emulations regularly being made available, continues to develop as an instrument. If you're after the authentic sound of vintage Roland without the hefty price tag, your best option is with Roland Aira.

Why Should I Choose Roland Aira?

  • Authentic vintage Roland sound
  • Aira Synth is unique and inspiring workflow
  • More affordable than vintage equipment

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Aira

Question: Can I use Aira equipment with other synthesizers?
Absolutely, there are many options for controlling and syncing Aira equipment with other hardware via MIDI.
Question: Can I use Aira with my computer?
Yes, all Aira Synth hardware features USB connectivity for connecting to your computer system.
Question: What advantages does sampling bring with the TR8S?
The process of sampling brings limitless sonic possibilities. Sample playback on the TR8S gives you the ability to clone classic drum machines, grab snippets of sound from a recording, or create your very own sounds no one has heard before.
Question: What is Roland Aira?
Roland Aira accurately emulates the sound of classic Roland synthesizers and drum machines and adds a modern twist. Each piece of Aira equipment lets you tap into the authentic sound of a class piece of gear, and brings unique workflow and cutting edge technology to get the absolute best out of your Aira product.
Question: Is Roland Aira any good?
Yes. There's only one way to get that authentic Roland sound, without forking out for a vintage piece of equipment, and that's with an Aira Synth.