Lakland Basses

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About Lakland Bass Guitars

Lakland have been making high quality professional bass guitars for over twenty years. Their modern spec basses have traditional styling and updated features to provide an experience for bassists that gives them the best of everything.

Lakland basses belong to two main camps: the USA made models and the Skyline range of imported basses. Both feature a diverse selection of models that include original designs and modern interpretations of all-time classics. Four and five string models are available with both passive and active electronics. Build quality and attention to detail are extremely high. Lakland basses have a lot of character and personality and are one of the most popular high end bass ranges we stock.


Why Should I Choose a Lakland Bass Guitar?

  • Made to professional standard
  • Intricate tone sculpting
  • Hand rubbed finished necks feel amazing

Frequently Asked Questions about Lakland Basses

Question: What do Lakland use to finish their necks?
Lakland necks are treated to a hand rubbed finish, first with oil and then with a thin coat of wax.
Question: What type of pickups do Lakland use?
Lakland actually make their own pickups, which are hand wound in Chicago.
Question: Which famous players use Lakland basses?
There is a huge number of pro players who use Lakland basses but here are just a few: Adam Clayton (U2), Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones), Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) and Ben Kenney (Incubus).
Question: How is the name Lakland pronounced?
Lakland is pronounced Lake-land. It's an amalgamation of Dan LAKin and Hugh McFarLAND, the two original partners of the company.
Question: Where are Lakland basses made?
Lakland's US basses are made in Chicago and their Skyline basses are made in Indonesia.