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About Suhr Guitars

Suhr guitars is a boutique custom guitar brand from California. Headed up by John Suhr, the company makes modified versions of classic Californian electric guitars. This is alongside a few designs of their own. Quality is paramount to this brand. Their instruments build on traditional designs to make some of the finest electric guitars and basses in the world. These guitars have been seen in the hands of some of the most famous players on the planet.

The company also make their own pickups. These hand-wound units are popular as an aftermarket upgrade. Some other boutique guitar builders even use them in their own creations. That says a lot!

Suhr also make high quality valve amplifiers and boutique effects units. Several of their pedal designs have been deemed instant classics. Their amps are finding great success with tone connoisseurs and gigging pros across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about Suhr Guitars

Indeed it is! John Suhr was, a long time ago, part of the Pensa-Suhr custom brand of guitars. These were famously played by Mark Knopfler. John has also worked at Fender's Custom Shop. Suhr guitars offer their own version of the famous Mark Knopfler guitar.
The Riot Distortion is their most popular drive pedal. It has recently been given a sister model in the Riot Reloaded pedal, which is proving extremely popular too. It has 30% more gain than the original Riot pedal which had tons to begin with already!
Yes they do! They are one of the most accommodating boutique guitar brands for lefties: you can order pretty much any of their designs in left handed form. We keep scores of them in stock so that left handed players can have access to the best guitars too.
These guitars are instruments made by John Suhr himself to specs he would choose for his own personal guitars. The woods, hardware, specs and finishes are all carefully picked by John to represent what he loves in guitars and guitar building. These are, naturally, extremely limited edition guitars. They are the centerpiece of any collection and are considered by many to be the high watermark of custom guitar making.
Every amp they make is hand-wired. All wiring and building is carried out in California.