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About Suhr Modern

The Suhr Modern is a hand made Rock guitar from Suhr. Suhr is one of the best custom builders in the business and the Modern is their instrument for contemporary players.

Suhr offer lots of options for hardware, woods and finishes, though the basic outline of the Modern remains the same: it's an offset double cutaway body with a flat top. It is usually made from Basswood, though other variants are made on occasion.

The usual configuration of pickups is Hum-Single-hum but it's common to see double humbucker Moderns too. Suhr make their own pickups and locking tuners. They use the best quality hardware from specialist companies like Gotoh for bridges and certain other parts.

Suhr Modern guitars are for guitarists who appreciate tone, feel, quality and superb sound.

guitarguitar have had a fantastic relationship with Suhr for many years. We are lucky and proud to have one of the largest collections of Suhr guitars available anywhere in the country. Visit your nearest guitarguitar to see these wonderful guitars in person and even try one out in our soundproof booths.

Our Suhr Modern guitars come included with a guitar bag or hard case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Suhr Modern

Question: Do Suhr Modern guitars ever have decorative tops like Flamed or Quilted Maple tops?
Yes. Alongside all the Natural and Satin finishes, the Suhr Modern is often available with spectacular Flamed, Quilted and Burled tops.
Question: Suhr Modern guitars have stainless steel frets. Why is this important? And what are frets normally made of?
Frets are normally made from Nickel or an alloy that contains Nickel. These are fine but eventually wear down and need stoned and finally replaced. Stainless steel frets are by a huge measure stronger than nickel frets. They will last for decades and decades without becoming dented or tarnished. Stainless steel frets are as good as it gets.
Question: Some Suhr Modern guitars have 'roasted maple' necks. What does the roasting do?
Roasting the Maple in a kiln at very high temperatures takes all the moisture out of the neck. This makes the neck lighter, stronger and more stable, as well as looking beautiful too!