Mixing Desks

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About Mixing Desks

Mixing Desks are the hub of a PA system or studio set up and can offer mixing of multiple inputs, control over audio with EQ, digital effects, compression, and routing of treated audio to designated outputs.

We stock a great range of both digital and analog mixing desks from brands including QSC, Yamaha, Allen and Heath and Mackie, all of which offer a wide range of channel options to assure you will get the right desk for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mixing Desks

Currently all of our mixing desks are for use with active speakers and will only work with passive speakers when used with an amplifier.
The vast majority of mixing desks feature a USB port. This allows you to connect the desk to your computer and record your master output (rather than the individual tracks) to your recording software. There are a few specialist desks that do offer individual track recording to computer, essentially offering multitrack recording via USB. Good examples of this include two ranges from PreSonus, the Studiolive and the AR ranges.
Analog desks offer a lot of features at an affordable price whilst digital mixers offer the same in a more portable package. Digital mixers can come with additional features such as channel and instrument gain and eq presets, mix saving, USB recording and playback, and iOS control over WIFI. It's down to your needs, but digital offers the most versatility in a compact package.