Yamaha MG Series

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About Yamaha MG

The Yamaha MG Series takes the technology in Yamaha's flagship desks and compacts it down into a line of portable and affordable mixing desks. Whether you're recording podcasts or music at home, mixing instruments in the practice room or controlling a full stage production, the MG series will have the right desk for you. Packed full of features like channel compression, digital effects, mix buses and monitor channels, the MG series goes above and beyond what you can usually expect from a compact mixer.

Why Should I Choose Yamaha MG?

  • Compact form professional sound
  • Great digital effects
  • One Knob channel compression

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha MG Series

Question: Is the Yamaha MG Series any good?
Yes, the MG Series is among the best sounding and most reliable desks in their price range.
Question: What is the Yamaha MG Series?
The MG Series is a line of compact yet professional mixing desks.