Yamaha TRBX304MGR Mist Green

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Overall Rating 5/5 (3 reviews)

A highly versatile and powerful equipment. Active humbuckers are very strong for ass kicking metal but with the right settings it is also possible to get chill/vintage sounds. The EQ options introduced with the switching works fine for me. The color and looks are amazing too. It is everything you can expect from a bass with this price. However, there were some minor issues with the craftmanship. I could feel some non-smooth bits on the neck that wasn't perfectly sandpapered. Also there was one fret with scratches but luckily they cannot be feeled when touched. Also one neck-side inlay dot marker was misaligned from the others slightly. One fretboard inlay marker was slightly of color with the rest. Luckily, these did not affect the playing. But it makes you question the QC of Yamaha. It was disappointing a bit because I always saw them as the great, precise, perfectionist Japanese company.

Cagatay C. - 9/11/2021

This is a quality bass guitar, there doesn't seem much to compare with it for the price.

Neil C. - 11/8/2021

Beautiful bass for me, as a beginner. Very slim neck and love the thumb indents in the pick ups.

Gary B. - 12/8/2020

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