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Yamaha are known as a huge multinational conglomerate that make a large variety of different products (and indeed they are) but the root of the company is and always has been in the making of quality musical instruments. Formed in 1887 in the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan, Yamaha started out as a business making pianos and reed organs. Indeed, the Yamaha logo to this day is a pair of tuning forks!

Yamaha are the world's biggest piano manufacturer and have more instruments in more schools than any other instrument maker. It isn't all about the student though: top musicians like Jools Holland, Elton John, Alicia Keys, Brian Wilson and Billy Sheehan all use Yamaha instruments both live and in the studio.

Yamaha have created some of the most beloved instruments in music history from their SG and Pacifica guitars to their Clavinova pianos and the iconic CS80 synthesizer. The name 'Yamaha' is most definitely a seal of instant approval across the board: the often-spoken saying that 'Yamaha don't make anything bad' proves to be resolutely true time after time.

At guitarguitar, we are a major UK authorised dealer of all things Yamaha: we love the brand and understand how reliable and high quality their instruments are. Every guitarguitar store has stock of various Yamaha products, whether that is classical guitars, FG dreadnoughts, Revstar & Pacifica electric guitars or Clavinova digital pianos. Our entire Yamaha selection of instruments is availiable online for browsing and buying: they are also distributed throughout our showrooms for demoing before you buy. For Yamaha, think guitarguitar!

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha

Yes and no: Yamaha as an umbrella term are the multinational company responsible for a dizzying amount of diverse products. That being said, Yamaha can be thought of as a myriad of different companies within that umbrella: the people who dedicate their lives to making excellent Yamaha pianos have nothing much at all to do with the people who dedicate their lives to making Yamaha guitars, far less motorcycles or industrial robots! The only common link is brand identity and a high quality threshold.
That depends a lot on the instruments in quesiton. Yamaha have a number of manufacturing facilities across Asia and the rest of the world. Yamaha musical instruments are made in Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan as well as other places. What is important to remember is that Yamaha use the same standards, materials, tooling and quality control across the board, making the building location a non-issue.
Very much so: Yamaha are particularly famous for providing beginner and student musicians with instruments that are reliable, durable, comfortable to use and great to play. This applies to guitars, pianos and keyboards. This is the reason why so many schools have Yamaha instruments in their classrooms: they can be trusted.
Our Glasgow, Birmingham and Epsom guitarguitar stores all have dedicated piano departments with trained staff on hand to offer service and advice.
Yes, absolutely: we offer a range of finance packages to make paying for your instruments more manageable. Each particular product's page will have clickable options for available finance options. Our instore staff will also be happy to advise you and lead you through the process.