Yamaha MODX

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About Yamaha MODX

Yamaha MODX keyboards have blown us away. It has the same sound engine as the flagship Montage, enclosed in a more portable package. Let’s not forget MODX comes in at a much more affordable price.

The MODX has an amazing sound engine on-board, with features like Motion Sequencing and Super Knob. Super Knob is one of our favourite features. It allows you to drastically change up sounds in a rich and detailed manner. This can even be assigned to control up to 128 different parameters at the same time!

The Yamaha MODX is a perfect live performance or studio instrument, thanks to its lightweight design and powerful features.


Why Should I Choose Yamaha MODX?

  • Powerful sound engine
  • Huge amount of different synth and instrument sounds
  • Lightweight and portable

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha MODX

Question: What is the main difference between Yamaha MODX and Montage?
The MODX series features the same sound engine as the flagship Montage range. However, the chassis is made from much lighter materials, making it more portable. The front panel controls on the MODX are more streamlined than on the Montage too. However, the same deep editing is still there under the hood.
Question: Does Yamaha MODX come with any software?
It certainly does! A free copy of Cubase AI is included with every version of MODX, so you can create full arrangements and songs.
Question: Does the Yamaha MODX have a sequencer?
The MODX is a performance instrument at its core. Rather than a standard sequencer, it has a performance recorder. This allows you to record MIDI data, which then can be taken to a DAW on a computer to be arranged.