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About Yamaha Montage

Yamaha Montage keyboards take over 100 years of manufacturing instruments and packs it all into one flagship synthesizer. The Montage features the Motion Control Synthesis Engine, uniting two legendary tone generation systems by combining the AWM2 Waveform-based Subtractive Synthesis with FM-X - a modern version of FM synthesis, allowing for extreme expressiveness. Also featured are sounds straight out of high-end Yamaha digital pianos, including the Bösendorfer Imperial and Yamaha CFX Premium Grand Pianos.

One of the most unique features of the Montage is the Super Knob, capable of controlling multiple parameters in every way imaginable, the Super Knob allows the player to instantly tweak the timbre of their performance simply by twisting the knob.

The Montage is jam-packed with an insane amount of sounds from varying genres and features the Seamless Sound Switching system, allowing users to smoothly switch sounds without the initial voice abruptly cutting off when they change to their next patch, a 7" colour touchscreen and a dedicated high-quality effects section, all of which makes the Montage ideal for both gigging and studio musicians.

Available with 61 or 76 keys which feature a synth action key-bed, or as a fully weighted 88 key model, guitarguitar is confident we have the right Montage keyboard to suit your needs. Please browse the full Montage range online or contact your local guitarguitar store for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Montage

Question: Who plays Yamaha Montage?
Michael McDonald of The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan, Steve Porcaro of Toto and jazz legend Chick Corea all use the mighty Montage.
Question: How does the Superknob work?
Superknob is the gateway to the Motion Control Engine, allowing the user to assign control over specific parameters within a multi-voiced patch. Want to turn up the filter on one voice, whilst simultaneously turning the filter down on another and opening an effects mix on a third? All of these motions can be assigned to the Superknob. Superknob can also be controlled with an expression pedal and features bright LED lighting that changes as you turn the knob, making the Montage look like it belongs in the 80s Jeff Bridges film Tron, very cool!
Question: What is Sample Robot Pro?
Sample Robot Pro MONTAGE Edition is an amazing automatic sampling software solution for musicians and sound designers. Granting Montage users a convenient computer interface and control over sampling from MIDI sound devices and VST instruments, sample import and editing and assigning Superknob parameters.