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About Fredric Effects Pedals

Fredric effects are a boutique pedal brand from North London. They hand make their pedals individually using PCB boards, high quality switches and custom made enclosures.

Fredric effects pedals come in a wide range of models. Some are accurate reissues of vintage pedals, some are inspired by classic effects and others are brand new creations.

These effects are an excellent choice for adventurous guitar players who want to experiment.

Check out our full range here on the site or get in touch with your local guitarguitar store to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fredric Effects Pedals

Question: What is the Super Unpleasant Companion?
The Fredric Super Unpleasant Companion is an extremely abrasive and totally amazing fuzz pedal! It's based on a couple of old Japanese fuzz pedals - the Shin Ei Companion Fuzz and the Superfuzz - and sounds absolutely apocalyptic.
Question: What is the Zombie Klone a clone of?
The Zombie Klone is a clone of the Klon Centuar, a very rare and sought after pedal. The King of Klone pedal is essentially two Klon Centaur circuits in one enclosure.