Yamaha Drums

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About Yamaha Electronic Drums

Yamaha are one of the leading brands in the worlds of electronic drum kits and drum hardware. The Yamaha DTX line of digital drum kits have become a staple in home, schools, venues and houses of worship thanks to their impeccable quality and reliability, and for these same reasons Yamaha drum hardware and triggers are put to the test by drummers worldwide.

Yamaha also aren't afraid of pushing drumming boundaries, so with the release of products like their EAD10 hybrid drumming module, which offers an effortless and different way of recording and morphing the sound of your acoustic drums, proves Yamaha really endorse the mentality of being a unique artist and finding your own voice as a musician.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Drums

Question: Who uses Yamaha Drums?
Yamaha drums are used by Mike Bordin, Paul Bostaph, Rick Allen, Larry Mullen Jr and many other amazing drummers.
Question: How long have Yamaha been making drums for?
Yamaha have been manufacturing drums and drum components since the late 1960s.