Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits & Percussion

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About Yamaha Electronic Drums

Yamaha electronic drum kits are renowned for their precision triggering and studio-quality sound. Yamaha have been manufacturing acoustic kits for over 50 years. They've used this experience to develop a fresh perspective on electronic drums and percussion.
Yamaha electronic drums in the DTX range have bucked the trend for mesh pads in favour of rubber pads. These are engineered to have a natural rebound and articulate triggering response. Meanwhile, percussion models like the DTX M12 Multipad and EAD10 Drum System bring a unique approach to expanding your acoustic drum set-up.
Whether you're a total beginner or a seasoned professional, you're going to love the musicality of Yamaha drums.

Why Should I Choose a Yamaha Electronic Drum Kit?

  • Feel and respond just like an acoustic drum kit
  • Premium sounds that sound like a produced record
  • Fully expandable and upgradable

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Electronic Drum Kits & Percussion

Question: What is the best Yamaha electronic drum kit?
The DTX6K3-X is one of the most advanced compact electronic kits we've seen. With 3-zone pads for the snare, crash and ride, plus a module with hundreds of studio ready sounds as well as virtual ambience and effects, this electronic kit is as expressive as an acoustic kit and sounds like a finished recording.
Question: Are Yamaha drums good for learning on?
Yamaha electronic drum kits utilise over 50 years of craftsmanship to create a natural and responsive playing experience. Because they react just like the real thing, switching back and forth to an acoustic drum kit is effortless. This means you don't need to take time to adjust when you switch from your tutor's kit to your electric kit at home.