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About Guitar Gig Bags

Guitar gig bags are a lightweight and sensible solution for transporting your beloved guitar or bass from home to rehearsal or venue. Gig bags are also known as 'soft cases' since they are collapsible.

Gig bags are available for all stringed instruments including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, banjo and ukulele. There are also bags specifically deigned for pedals and accessories.

Gig bags are padded (to different degrees of thickness, reflected in the price of the bag) to offer a level of protection for the instrument inside. Exterior pockets and zipped compartments allow you to carry extra pieces of smaller equipment with you. Backpack straps are normally found on gig bags too, so you can carry it on your back like a rucksack.

At guitarguitar, we carry a large number of gig bags for many musical instruments at many price points. Visit us to view them in person or browse and order online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Gig Bags

Currently, we keep the following brands in stock: Fender, CNB, Mono, TOURTECH, Gator and Schecter.
At guitarguitar, the most popular is the Fender FE405, followed by the Tourtech TTB-20EG.
That's a good question. When the music retail industry refers to 'electric guitar' in this context, they mean anything that is vaguely Strat, Tele, Les Paul or SG shaped. Hard cases are a different matter, since the necks of Les Pauls and SG's are pitched at an angle and require a special type of hard case to accommodate this. Electric guitar gig bags will be suitable for all guitars that are close to 'standard' in size. This means Jaguars, Wolfgangs, RG's, etc. Guitars that generally prove to be an issue with these bags are bigger and longer instruments such as Firebirds, Icemen, 335's and most BC Rich guitars. If in doubt, have a word with our team and they'll be able to advise you.
We do not recommend that! Even when using a hardshell case, we recommend packing the inside with lots of bubble wrap. Even that might be a risky move! Gig bags are definitely NOT to be used when handing your beloved guitar over to an airline for putting in the hold.