Mono Gig Bags

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About Mono Gig Bags

Mono gig bags are known for their innovative design features and military-grade materials. In addition to guitar cases, Mono produce straps and pedal boards along with backpacks and messenger bags in various sizes for music producers on the go.

Mono gig bags are available in-store and online at guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mono Gig Bags

Question: What exactly is The Tick?
The Tick is an additional piece of baggage from Mono that is designed to piggyback onto a Mono gig bag and give room for carrying more equipment. The idea is to keep the bags nice and streamlined, adding the Tick if you require more space for stuff. The beauty of this is that the Tick isn't an 'extra' bag: it'll still count as one piece of luggage with your guitar bag when travelling.
Question: What is different about the Mono Vertigo range of gig bags?
The most noticeable difference is that these bags can be opened at the top, allowing you to remove the instrument from a standing up position. You do not have to place the case on the ground to retrieve your guitar. Very handy! In addition to this, Vertigo bags feature the patented Headlock neck support and The Boot, an innovative reinforcement that protects the strap pin area of the guitar from sudden, sharp knocks.