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About Guitar Stools

Guitar Stools can be an excellent way to improve your practice at home. Having a single purpose piece of furniture can help delineate practice time ensuring you can maintain quality concentration during the hours you put into your instrument. Guitar stools can also help with maintaining a good posture while you play.

Branded guitar stools make a cool addition to any studio, music room or guitar corner. Often manufactured in a bar stool style, these guitar styles have plenty of mojo. Shop our selection of the best guitar stools available at guitarguitar.

Why Should I Choose a Guitar Stool?

  • Comfortable for home practice
  • A guitar stool is a vibey accessory to live with your guitars and amps
  • Handsome branded stools with a purpose
  • Looks great in any musicians home or studio
  • Designed to be the ideal seated playing solution too

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Stools / Chairs

Question: What height should a guitar stool be?
There’s no hard and fast rule about how high a guitar stool should be. Most purpose built guitar stools are 24” high but some taller ones are as high as 30” - it all depends on what you find the most comfortable!
Question: Do I need a guitar stool?
You don’t need a guitar stool but many players find they practice better on a stool and feel more comfortable with the guitar. Mostly though, they’re just a cool accessory!
Question: What guitar stool do I need?
The guitar stool you need depends largely on your playing style and your environment, if you're playing a long acoustic set, a larger premium stool will go a long way to making your set more comfortable. Classical guitar players will benefit from a portable foot stool to allow them to assume the correct playing position during live performances.
Question: Which guitar stools are best?
There are many popular guitar stools that are excellent for players. Gibson and Fender manufacture some excellent bar stools that not only look great but are very comfortable.