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Ozark Guitars

Ozark brings all of the rustic charm and authenticity of rural America to you via a range of excellent guitars. These are mainly resonator models, acoustic or semi acoustic guitars that utilize a metal 'resonator' cone to produce a distinctive sound. Ozark resonators can have fully metal bodies or a combination of metal and wood. These conform to traditional designs and create an extremely authentic sound.

This authenticity bleeds into the neck design. Many Ozark resonators have round necks but others have large square necks for playing in a lap position.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ozark Guitars

Question: What type of amplifier should I plug an Ozark resonator guitar into?
There is something of a difference in opinion with this one between whether a small, clean valve combo or an acoustic amp is better. The acoustic amp will give you more of your resonator's 'true' sound (which is a matter of opinion and taste of course) but many classic resonator tones are achieved by using an amp like a Fender Blues Junior. Both will give different results and both are correct for different reasons. For our money, we'd go with the electric valve combo.
Question: Do I need special strings for an Ozark resonator?
No, regular acoustic strings are fine, the heavier the better! Special 'resophonic' strings are available from various manufacturers but those are a preference, not a necessity.
Question: What notes are resonator guitars tuned to?
Traditionally, resonators are tuned to Open D, Open G and DADGAD tunings in order to facilitate harmonic overtones when playing with a slide. However, there are no rules written down saying what you can and can't do - plenty of people also use these in Standard tuning so just go with what works for you!