Santa Cruz Guitars

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About Santa Cruz Guitars

Santa Cruz guitars was launched by Richard Hoover in 1976. The brand began as a grassroots company with one simple aim; to design and build guitars from the heart.

Their team have remained loyal to these values, never sacrificing on the quality of their instruments. In fact, they only build around 500 guitars a year to ensure consistent quality!

Santa Cruz have since become known for their exemplary standards and are now among the most sought after acoustics on the planet.

Their is focus on using sustainable resources and maintaining the same passion for guitar building they started out with. As a result, their instruments are instantly recognisable. This is thanks to their stunning aesthetics and totally unique sound.


Why Should I Choose a Santa Cruz Guitar?

  • Made using the highest quality woods and components
  • Inviting playability
  • Built to an incredible standard

Frequently Asked Questions about Santa Cruz Guitars

Question: Who plays Santa Cruz guitars?
Santa Cruz guitars are well suited to a wide range of playing styles. They are particularly popular among country, folk and Americana artists. Country superstar Brad Paisley even stated that he's 'never picked up a Santa Cruz that wasn’t magical'. This is a testament to their distinctive sound and individuality.
Question: Why are Santa Cruz guitars so expensive?
These guitars aren't cheap. However, the attention to detail and care shown to every instrument makes them some of the highest quality acoustics on the market. The master luthiers at Santa Cruz are expert craftsmen. They hand voice each guitar and shape their parts accordingly to find the perfect sound. Not only that, but every part of the guitar's journey from selecting the wood, to the build itself is done painstakingly with the final product in mind. Santa Cruz guitars are notoriously difficult to get hold of. Our selection have been custom made to our specs, resulting in some of the most impressive looking and sounding guitars that we stock.