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About Squier Guitars

Squier guitars have for decades been the affordable, value for money, imported arm of Fender guitars. The line features budget friendly versions of many iconic guitars. Examples include the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Mustang and more. Squier electric guitars are a familiar presence to millions of guitarists. A Squier Stratocaster or Squier Telecaster is often the first electric guitar people ever own. It is a testament to their build quality and enduring appeal that they are two of the biggest selling guitar types in history.

Squier are owned by Fender who license the use of their body shapes, headstocks and guitar names, so these are not 'copies'. They are affordable versions of the real deal. Squier electric guitars can be found in studios across the world. They are played on stages every night, such is their solid reliability and high level of player comfort. In fact, the quality of Squier guitars has increased dramatically in recent years. They are now seen as a viable choice for gigging pros looking for affordable, high quality guitars.

Squier are producing some very impressive instruments these days and we are proud to be one of the UK's largest authorised Squier dealers. When you visit guitarguitar, you can be sure you'll have access to the best range of Squier electric guitars anywhere. Not only that, you'll have the best staff on hand to help you and the best premises to try out these wonderful guitars. For Squier, come to guitarguitar.

What Makes Squier Guitars Different?

  • Fender designs at affordable prices
  • Brilliant for beginner guitarists
  • Have been played by stars including Pete Wentz, Frank Bello, Mike Dirnt and Troy Sanders
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Guitars

    This is largely a matter of taste and practicality but there are certain selections that make a lot of sense. If you are on the smaller side, have a look at the Mini Strat or Bullet Mustang. These both have shorter scale lengths so should prove a lot easier to handle than guitars with a standard scale length. If size is not much of an issue, we'd recommend the Affinity Telecaster. It is simple, solid, classic looking and easy to play with a good sound.
    Fender own the Squier brand and all Squier guitars and basses are based on original Fender designs. Squier use trademarked Fender names, body shapes and headstock shapes. Therefore, are they 'real' Fenders? We'd say yes, they just don't carry the Fender logo on the headstock. Squier is the 'official' affordable range of Fender designs.
    Maybe, but with the level of quality inherent in Squier guitars these days, we see no immediate need to do that. Try a selection and choose the one the feels and sounds the best to you. This will mean you are playing a guitar you really like and will likely keep using for a long time. Plenty of semi-pro and even pro players use Squier guitars so don't be deterred!
    The most popular Squier electric guitar is actually the Mini Strat, followed by the Bullet Mustang. The Affinity Telecaster follows close behind, as does the Standard Stratocaster.