Squier Bullet

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About Squier Bullet

Squier's Bullet series is their most affordable, cost-effective range of guitars. Designed as a low-priced entry point into the Squier world, the Bullet series allows fledgling players access to instruments that are affordable and authentically styled like vintage, iconic guitars.

The Series is made up of a collection of famous guitar designs: Stratocasters, Telecasters and Mustangs. These are all available in a wide choice of colours and are the perfect starting point for people looking to dip their toe into the electric guitar world without making too huge a commitment. Squier Bullet guitars are worthy first steps. Check out our entire Squier Bullet range online or visit us at one of our UK based showrooms for the full experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Bullet

Absolutely! In fact, that is the primary role they are designed for. Their relatively inexpensive and classic design mean they are specifically made to make you feel good and excited about learning to play the guitar.
There are a number of variations within Squier's Bullet Stratocaster offerings and not all models offer every finish. Overall though, you can find Bullet Stratocasters in White, Black and Brown Sunburst. We have also had Bullet Strats in Fiesta Red, so keep an eye out for special run colours that may appear from time to time.
Squier's Bullet Series guitars are made in Indonesia.