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About Yamaha PA

Yamaha PA systems are some of the highest quality and most reliable on the market, whether it's their entry level DBR speakers and MG mixers, or the professional level DXR speakers and TF digital mixers, you are offered peace of mind that Yamaha are using the most advanced technologies to give you the absolute best equipment for your money.

Yamaha have also stepped into the portable PA market with their STAGEPAS range, these lightweight PA systems offer the great sound and versatility of a conventional PA with the portability and ease of use as a column style speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha PA

Virtually all our Yamaha PA speakers are 'active', meaning they have the amplifier built into the speaker, the only exception to this is the STAGEPAS systems, which have the amplifier built into the mixer.
Nexo is a French PA system manufacturer Yamaha acquired in 2008 who are well known for sophisticated sound reinforcement installations in arenas and venues. Since then Yamaha have been working Nexo's advanced technology into their own speakers including their DXR range to offer professional level audio at an affordable price.