Portable PA Systems

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About Portable PA Systems

Portable PAs are a convenient speaker system for use in smaller venues. Usually consisting of one or two speakers and a small mixer, these compact PA systems are an extremely versatile way to amplify basic setups.

Popular uses for Portable PA systems are for karaoke systems, sporting events, aerobic instructors, classrooms, video game arcades, and professional musicians & function bands playing in cafe's, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

Some of the most popular Portable PAs utilise line array technology. This process combines lots of small speakers in place of one big speaker. Doing this allows more control over the physical shape of the system, as well as offering an even spread of sound throughout a venue. The Bose L1 range is the most popular example of this type of PA system.

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable PA Systems

Depending on the size of the room and the amount of background noise, smaller portable PA systems will easily cover an audience of between 40-70 people. Larger single systems will cover around 150-200 people. If you need to perform to a larger audience, adding an additional system will increase your volume. For Wembley, however, you're going to need a bigger system...
There are a select few systems which operate on batteries, for example; the Bose S1. However, due to the lower wattage of these systems, it is possible to power them via a small generator.