Guitar Tuners

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About Guitar Tuners

Guitar tuners are an essential accessory. Keeping your guitar perfectly in tune is fundamental to sounding good and playing well.

Tuners are available in multiple shapes, sizes and styles. Some guitar tuners are small and clip onto your guitar's headstock. Others are stompboxes that become part of your stage pedal board.

However they appear, all tuners these days are digital and have a screen to display readings. Tuners can typically handle alternate tunings (look for the term 'chromatic') and extended range instruments like 8 strings guitars and of course basses.

Tuners are generally easy to operate and most offer the function of muting the instrument's signal, allowing for a silent tuning experience at home or on stage.

Tuners are something that no guitarist should be without. Browse our huge selection online or at any guitarguitar store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Tuners

Question: What is your best selling tuner overall?
The best-selling tuner, perhaps in the word, is the Boss TU-3 pedal. Away from pedals, the best selling tuners at guitarguitar are the Snark ST-2 and the Tourtech TTA-T01, which are both clip-on tuners.
Question: What is the most popular tuner in pedal form?
The Boss TU-3 reigns supreme here, though close behind it are the Landlord FX Lock In and the Korg Pitch Black.
Question: Where should my tuner go in my effects pedal chain?
To get the strongest and purest signal from your string to your tuner, put it at the very beginning of your chain.
Question: Is it acceptable to keep a clip on tuner attached to my guitar during a performance?
We feel that everybody should feel empowered to do anything they like, within reason. Having said that, professionalism increases as soon as the tuner is taken off the headstock! Keep it handy of course but your guitar should not need to be tuned so often during a performance that it warrants the clip on tuner staying there. Nobody wants to see tuners on a stage. Plus, it sucks the cool right out of you. Is that not half the battle?